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We were looking for a name that spoke to  what and why we are trying to do and who we are.

In Stoic philosophy, we came across the word pneuma, which refers to the vital spirit (soul) or the creative force of a person. The spirit in which we approach our work is that of a playscape - a space where we play / experiment, learn, collaborate, and grow. Combining (p)Neuma with (play)scape seemed natural to us. We see NEUMASCAPE STUDIO as

a playground for the creative spirit.  We strive to make our studio space in Chinatown an embodiment of this spirit.


Visit us to experience the creative spirit at work!


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Manori is a Los Angeles-based designer and entrepreneur, working towards her California licensure in Architecture.  She is passionate about the role of Architecture + Design and its impact on a community’s well-being. This has taken her on a journey that led her to found NEUMASCAPE STUDIO. 


Manori's passion in community building is established on a strong foundation of democracy, ethics, empathy, and an acknowledgement of the intrinsic connections we have with each other and our surroundings. Her goal with her practice is to help identify and realize the potential of people, space, or places, through design and technology. Her approach to projects often seeks to honor the legacy of place, space, object, or people.

Manori was educated at SCI-Arc and in her formative years in architecture, she had the privilege of being mentored by award-winning architects such as  Hsing Ming Fung, Craig Hodgetts, Devyn Weiser, Wes Jones, Dwayne Oyler, and Tom Mayne. Her prior background comprises of formal education in Marketing, as well as industry experience in apparel, e-commerce,  business development, and non-profit management. 

Equipped with a variety of skills and interests, a vibrant network, and a life-long commitment to learning and meaning, Manori is on a mission to create a body of work that reflects her values and passions in architecture, design, technology, and well-being. 

Manori's CV +

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Nelson is a registered electrical engineer, specializing in smart grids, completing a Masters in Design, Business and Technology in Los Angeles. He is an entrepreneur, inventor, author and educator. A descendent of Goa, India, he was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. 

For years, Nelson has been exploring the intersection of being, society and technology: how extraordinary states facilitate new technical and social solutions (innovation) and how technology can facilitate such states.


He has lectured to lay and academic audiences for 20 years in 5 continents and developed novel technologies and techniques to induce states of creativity and well-being.  Nelson continues to develop novel ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain and to improve creativity, performance, self-knowledge and intuition.

He has pioneered the development of transformative technologies for industrial safety: innovations that can save lives. Nelson has also championed numerous process improvements for the electrical industry that have created millions of dollars of value.


Through creative leadership, innovative process changes and new tools and methods, he has contributed to a smarter, safer, more reliable and greener electrical power grid: from transmission stations in California to wind farms in Iowa to solar farms in Puerto Rico. 

Nelson's CV +

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About - Contibutors


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Kyle Tomosada - Junior Designer

Kyle is 90% designer, 5% plant person, 5% baker. He graduated from SCI-Arc in 2021 with a Bachelors of Architecture and joined us in September 2021. He passionate about creating memorable experiences and spaces.

Uriel Alexander Lopez - Project Manager

Alex is our chief collaborator in all things fun, design, fabrication, robotics, and other tech adventures. Armed with an education in Architecture and a background in fabrication and robotics, we collaborate with him on projects varying from building designs to building prototypes.  

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Yuning Tang - Design Intern

Yuning joined our team as an intern in September 2021, when she was  product design student at Art Center. We got along so well that we continue to invite her to collaborate projects. She provides aesthetic, functional, and innovative design solutions that delight treasured moments of people's life. She is currently pursuing M.S. Integrated Design, Business and Technology at USC Iovine & Young Academy.

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Dr. Reza Bashiri

Reza is an electrical engineer and expert on change and leadership. He is also an inventor, educator, and overall awesome human being. Reza & Nelson co-holds the patent for LifeLOQ digital lock box and collaborates with us in creative innovative safety solutions. 

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Jesus Guerrero - Snr. Design Consultant

Jesus, Alex, and Manori were on the same graduating class at SCI-Arc and continue to collaborate with us at Neumascape since 2018. He is an expert in computational design, fabrication, and visual representations (Static renders and Animations). 

Past Collaborators


Priyanka Rajani - Junior Designer

Priyanka is an Architectural Designer, Artist and a book lover. She joined our team after she graduated from SCI-Arc with a Masters of Architecture in 2020. She currently lives in NYC



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