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PROJECTS: Building Design


Description :  

Ground up Construction

Project Type:

Building Design


Los Angeles


Active (2019)


Design: Manori Sumanasinghe

Drawings & Renderings:

                Johan Wijesinghe


This interesting hillside property with a quaint bungalow is being transformed into a modern single-family home. Taking advantage of the beautiful Southern California terrain and weather, the project introduces outdoor social spaces as well as outdoor private spaces.


By organizing 3 cubes that are staggered and stacked on the hillside, the design seeks to segregate functions but seamlessly transition within the interior. The lower cube focuses on social interactions and entertainment. The second cube is the family nurturing space. The third cube is the personal space. This exclusive master suite is equipped with an intimate garden, deck, and a Jacuzzi, in addition to an attached workshop studio for the creative pursuits of the owners.