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PROJECTS: Building Design

Emergency Shelters

Description :  

Ground up Construction

Project Type:

Building Design


Los Angeles


Active (2021)



             Manori Sumanasinghe

             Priyanka Rajani


            Jesus Guerrero

20210305_Urban Awnings_Int & Ext 1.jpg

Los Angeles and much of California face a deepening housing crisis, manifested most visibly by people experiencing homelessness. One of the primary drivers of street homelessness is the cost and speed of building large-scale, attractive, convenient, safe housing. Cost and speed similarly negatively impact the creation of sufficient housing stock to prevent people from falling into homelessness. This project, a new typology of housing, is one solution to these challenges. 

20210620_028UAW_DIAGRAM_m edit-02.jpg

This project reimagines affordable accommodation and housing for those most in need in Southern California and beyond.  This housing typology will simultaneously provide architecturally unique structures, adaptable to numerous geographic locations while focusing on areas that offer a community feel for residents within the context of our region’s varied lifestyles.


Stage 1 - Emergency Settlement

6 month - 2 years


Stage 2a - Adaptive Reuse

Permanent Housing


Stage 2b - Communities

Permanent Housing

Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 2.57.50 PM.png
20210305_Urban Awnings_Exterior.jpg
20210304_Urban Awnings Emergency Shelter _ Interior 1.jpg
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